"honey, you should see me in a crown"

Zahra. Almost 20. London.
If you know me in real life, my sincerest apologies.
If you don't, then you probably should; I'm likely deluded in thinking I'm pretty awesome.
You'll find mostly Supernatural on this blog. This fudging show has ruined me. (I also share a tense relationship with swearing.)
Supernatural has my soul, Sherlock has my heart, Doctor Who has my mind.
Yes, I pray at the altar of the Unholy Trinity.
The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and a load of other stuff all make an appearance here and there, so I think its fair to say that this is sometimes a multi-fandom blog.
Uhh I also write my own fanfiction, beta'd by my real life partner-in-crime, Shauna. *salutes* I know you're reading this Shauna, you stalker.

In other news, if you ever want to talk or rant or even say Hi, don't be hesitant, I promise I don't bite...unless you want me to, of course ;)
Umm, that should be everything you need to know, unless you want to know more, then you must simply endeavour to ask...
Peace out, bitches. x
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